Frequently Asked Questions

Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) is a machine designed to make water from the thin air that surround us.
AWG machine purify the air it take inside first, the it extract water from it through the natural process of condensation of water.
No, Atmospheric Water generator cannot take full water contents from air it takes. It take only a small portion of  water from air it takes. The machine automatically stops when humidity is less, this maintain required amount of humidity in surrounding air of AWG units.
The Machine starts making water from the first three hours itself. The water will be first filled in a collecting tank, then it is filtered and stored in a secondary tank. Once the secondary tank is filled(to a level) you can take water from the AWG. This required a time of at least 15-24 hours depending on the humidity presence of surrounding air.
Available in 110V,220V,440V (50/60Hz). AWG can be connected to alternate power sources like solar and wind energy systems.
As the Water that moves through the machine, it goes through a 7 stage filtration system that removes particulate matter as small as 0.01 microns. Water produced with the unit is 99% pure.
Through our numerous filtration processes, the Atmospheric Water Generator produces the purest, high quality drinking water available today. The water produced is not only pure and free of any water contaminants, but also beneficial to your health. Water from Atmospheric Water Generator provides the following overall benefits to the consumers:

  • Clean and pure, processes of multi filtration, RO, and UV treatment ultimately eliminate hazards caused by viruses, bacteria, pesticides and heavy metal contaminants.
  • Rich oxygen contained in the water improves metabolism of your body.
  • Tastes sweeter and better.
  • Rich tiny H2O molecular group can easily penetrate body cells, thus improve overall human body metabolism.

As you are no doubt aware, bacteria does grow rapidly in fresh, pure water. Machine prevents bacteria build up by re-circulates the water at timed intervals, ensuring the water stays 100% fresh, pure, and ready to drink at all times.
The Water filters will need to be changed anywhere from 6-12 months after purchase; Keeping an annual supply of replacement filters is recommended, depending on the amount of dirt and sediment in your air. Each filter pack is easy to change and install – can be accomplished by most owners. The AIR filter should also be checked once a month and changed as necessary.
No, Machine automatically stop water production.
AWG machine doesn’t require any additional plumbing works, just connect the power and take water directly through a tap.
Yes, There is about 3.1 quadrillion gallons of water in the atmosphere at any given time. This is enough water to cover the entire surface of the Earth (land and ocean) with one inch of rain. And this water is recycled 40 times each year (the so called-  hydrological cycle). That means a water vapor molecule has an average residence time in the atmosphere of only nine days.
Yes, Water produced on machine is dependent on temperature and relative humidity of surrounding area/air. The machine shows its ideal water production at 27° 80%RH and upon increase of these parameters the water production will be increased.
There is a one year warranty on all the machines from the date of purchase.
We have residential and industrial AWG machines that  can generate water from 20L-20000L per day.
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